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National costumes

      During 60 years of its existence, Ensemble "Cajavec" was dominated by it's folklore and music section which required special engagement for providing adequate equipment and above all the national costumes and instruments. During all that time of their activity and work, it was necessary to take it all seriously and it required such program repertoire that could cover the folklore tradition of all ethnic parts of Yugoslavia. For this reason, the holdings of the Ensemble "Cajavec" are pretty rich because during its 60 years of work, the Ensemble had more than 45 well-known and famous choreographies on its repertoire.


      Unfortunately, the Ensemble had to stop its activity 3 times during its existence which has caused the loss of some very valuable parts of national costumes.


      However, in present holdings there are several very precious patterns older than 100 years. Every nation has different dances, songs and costumes, but also there can be great difference among the same nation who lives on different geographical territories. This fact imposed the obligation to costume each choreography separately, taking into consideration the territory from which the songs, dances and costumes are from. All the costumes that are present today in the holdings of "Cajavec" are collected in the villages or made by original patterns and supervised by experts, so many of them are more than 40 years old.


      Taking into consideration that national costumes are not produced any more within the nation, Ensemble "Cajavec" pays great attention to conserve present holdings, but is also oriented to collect the new ones. The decision of management: "Never perform a new choreography without a new costume and join each valuable costume to our holdings." It is the orientation that helps our Ensemble become richer.


      The fortune of today's holdings can be presented by the fact that "Cajavec" nowadays can costume almost 700 dancers at the same time. Some parts of the national costumes from the holdings of "Cajavec"a re presented in the